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May 28, 2017

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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What We Do

Dear colleague,

As a leader, you know that sometimes there is a need for an objective opinion to improve the quality of your products or services. Sometimes everything is decided and set to go, but you could need the extra help of a professional to speed things up or get something done outside of your physical capacity. A new strategy, a website, a marketing plan, staff training, and so many other endeavors can be time consuming and energy draining.


Below you will find seven distinct modules that also serve as separate service categories, which have their own set of modules within them. You can call us in at a certain stage in your firm’s overhaul, restructuring, or policy implementation period to address a certain part of the job. Each module, which has its own set of sub-modules within, can be utilized separately or be employed as part of a comprehensive package.

Our first telephone meeting is always free of charge, as it will give both sides a chance to get to know each other and for our firm to evaluate the task at hand based on the budget, timeframe, and goals that you want to reach. We work on a per-project basis so that we can offer our best service regardless of how many hours we spend on getting the work done.

Feel free to contact us with questions regarding the modules and how we can be of any help for the improvement of your organization.

We are HubSpot Inbound Marketing certified.

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Examine Issues, Define Problems, Set Goals

what-we-do-01How do we know where to point you and tell you how to get there? We listen to where it is that you want to be. There is no other way to help you reach your goals than to first listen to not only what they are but what has been hindering you from getting to them.

Sometimes the issues that stand in the way cannot be articulated. Our level of expertise allows for us to decipher the issues and understand what the hidden issues have been so that we can explain to you why the path to success has not been direct and most importantly, explain how it is that we will get you there.

Good directions come from understanding what the problem is and why the issues arose in the first place. We seek first to understand rather than be understood. You can count on us to listen.

Listen to Team and/or Stakeholders, Collect Data

what-we-do-02In order to truly understand the business issues that are impacting your journey to success, it takes much more than a few meetings with organization leaders and stakeholders. Many times, it is the business line employees that have more information on why the issues have arisen or why they continue to be problematic in the company reaching their goals.

We look under every rock and crevice in order to understand where the hindrances are. Your employees know your business purely because they are dealing with it every day. We want to understand their pain points too.

Even more than talking is collecting evidence of issues and data. It is in the evidence that we can show you, the stakeholder, why your issues are what they are and what we need to do in order to remove those roadblocks to success. The problems are in the details and we want to make sure that we have uncovered every one.

Work On Data: Measure, Analyze, Report

what-we-do-03With data collection and requirements gathering comes an expert level of analysis. Information is useless unless you know what to do with it. An expert consultant knows what to do with the data and evidence that has been gathered in order to properly analyze the information and put it into terms that everyone can understand.

Analysis turns into a diagnosis. Usually roadblocks to success that are not properly analyzed become issues to create detours around. This is not an efficient way to solve business problems. You don’t need a fix, you need a solution. We understand the difference so that your business issues are resolved – not just calmed for the moment.

Once the data has been properly analyzed and the business issues have been uncovered and named, we need to measure what is needed and what is involved to get you to success. Sometimes there are iterations of a solution, we know how to measure outcomes and make adjustments for the best outcome.

Offer Recommendations to Reach Desired Goals

what-we-do-04The expert advice that you expect turns into your best solution for reaching your business goals. It is the data collection, requirements gathering and expert analysis that turns into your roadmap for success.

We want you to feel like you have a choice in how to get to where you want to be. We offer a few ways that you can achieve what you want to based on time, cost and level of involvement. You are not cornered into a solution, you are part of the decision.

Recommending the best ways to reach your goals is not a one-time thing. We stay with you throughout the journey so you can be confident that you have the most direct path to success. If adjustments need to be made along the way, we are adept at ensuring that you keep things moving in the right direction.

Create Workflows to Help Implement Changes

what-we-do-05You won’t ever have to wonder how it is that we are doing what we are doing within your organization. We will create detailed workflows that you can use in order to implement the best solution that you have decided is best for your company. We have great plans for you and you will have them in-hand.

Every path to success has a good map so you can see the destination and enjoy the stops along the way. Long term goals always have milestones that let you know that you are doing what needs to be done the right way. Your customized and detailed workflows will allow you to enjoy those short-term goal successes.

We won’t leave you wondering if we are heading in the direction. You will have workflows that are easy to measure and tweak. Confidence in action is key. We want you to feel good about the changes you make.

Coach and Offer Training Sessions

what-we-do-06If your business issues and plans for success require business coaching or training sessions for you and/or your employees, you can count on us to deliver them. Our all-encompassing solutions allow for proper education of you and your employees. Our founder makes education the cornerstone of everything we do. You can be sure that we want to leave you with the tools you need to continue on your journey.

More than ordinary, canned classes. Our training and coaching is geared specifically to your individual solutions. We are not simply offering you the same classes that we offer every one of our clients. Your organization’s training is specific to your business goals.

We will be by your side to give you the confidence you need to keep on the path to success. We want you to see us as a part of the overarching achievements that you desire.

Monitor Progress, Revise Workflows

what-we-do-07Solutions need to be iterative. Keep in mind that in the global market, priorities are forced often to shift in organizations, which make it necessary to adapt your workflows to keep the goals and map for success intact. We are alongside your organization to monitor your progress, stay abreast of changes and revise workflows as needed.

On occasion, implementing workflows uncover a hidden set of issues that could not have been discovered until a solution to another has been implemented. There is no one single issue or line of business that causes your hindrance to success. Our experts are adept at adjusting workflows to stay on target and factor in the minor changes that need to be made in order to make that possible.

Building solutions, testing their success, monitoring their progress and revising plans is all part of a successful path. Rigidity impacts management alignment. A great solution is fluid and makes everyone confident in its success.

Please contact us for details.