First the Image, then the Marketing!

Image and marketing are two phenomena that have to be posted at the beginning and the end of a street in order for an enterprise to form its character. Many firms have, although not very clear, a general understanding about how marketing is done. Yet many have a difficulty in formulizing what they stand for. They are not fully aware of what image they reflect, or what kind of impression they make towards their audience.

marketing_cloudAlthough image and marketing go hand in hand and often overlap, I have put below a few questions to help you better distinguish these.

Questions that define my image:

  • What characteristics do I transmit? What kind of impression do I make as a person and as a firm?
  • What do my customers, employees, competitors and local residents think of my company?

Questions that define my marketing strategy:

  • How do I make my customers aware of my products or services?
  • What is my main product or service?
  • Who is my customer at the center point?
  • How wide should my product selection be?
  • What pricing policy should I follow to reach optimal profit?
  • What should I do as a business leader to encourage my employees to master sales?
  • How do I further develop my customer base?

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